One platform to manage indirect sales

Acquire more customers with referrals and the power of word of mouth

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One platform to manage indirect sales

All you need to run your own partner program

Expand indirect distribution channels, make partners successful, and build partnerships that drive revenue with Resels

One centralized tool

Only one tool for yourself and your business partner

Partner Onboarding

Train your partner within a second

Track your partner activities

Track your partner leads and activities

Engage your partners

Send emails to your partners based on their behaviors

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They trust us

Boris Clement - Co-founder

Resels has been involved in the rapid development of our business at Initiative CRM and the proposed axes are relevant and easily applicable.

Boris Clement – Co-founder
Jeremy Rochot - Co-founder

Resels help us measure and increase revenue from our partners at Wizy.

Jeremy Rochot – Co-founder

Why indirect sales will increase your revenue?

“People influence people. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is th Holy Grail of advertising.” Mark Zuckerberg

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